Definitions: E2 visa investors and immigration reform

  1. Nonimmigrant - An alien who seeks temporary entry to the United States for a specific purpose. The alien must have a permanent residence abroad (for most classes of admission) and qualify for the nonimmigrant classification sought. The nonimmigrant classifications include: foreign government officials, visitors for business and for pleasure, aliens in transit through the United States, treaty traders and investors, students, international representatives, temporary workers and trainees, representatives of foreign information media, exchange visitors, fiance(e)s of U.S. citizens, intracompany transferees, NATO officials, religious workers, and some others. Most nonimmigrants can be accompanied or joined by spouses and unmarried minor (or dependent) children. Source

  2. Substantial Investment The purpose of the requirement is to ensure to a reasonable extent that the business invested in is not speculative but is, or soon will be, a successful enterprise. The rules regarding the amount of funds committed to the commercial enterprise and the character of the funds, primarily personal or loans based on personal collateral, are intended to weed out risky undertakings and to ensure that the investor is unquestionably committed to the success of the business. Consequently, you must view the proportionate amount of funds invested, as evidenced by the proportionality test, in light of the nature of the business and the projected success of the business. More (pp.10-11)...

  3. Treaty Countries - For a list of participating countries see - make sure to double check with immigration resources if your country is a participant. Israel was recently added as a participating country to the E2 Treaty Investor Program

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We are a non-profit group seeking immigration reform for E2 Treaty Investors and other foreign independent entrepreneurs. We were founded on July 1st, 2013 in New York City.

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