how to select an E-2 immigration attorney

selecting an immigration attorney to help you file your petition for an E-2 Treaty Investor visa can be challenging.

The following questions may help to start the initial vetting process:

If the focus of your immigration practice over the past two years has been E-2 could you kindly describe your individual experience level pertaining to the following:

  1. a) Number of E-2 petitions at US consulates overseas b) How many of those were filed in “fill in your country of origin” ?
  2. Number of E-2 extensions filed with USCIS
  3. Were the majority of those E-2s filed on behalf of major corporations, small businesses or other ?
  4. For the above E-2 visa types, how much percent of the preparation work do you personally handle vs how much percent is the preparation done by a legal assistant ?
  5. What are your average fees for a) an E-2 petition filed at a consulate b) to prepare the request for E-2 extension with USCIS ?

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